Hack the Portrait

Some years ago, I start collecting (and using) old cameras, expecially low cost ones and even so-called toy cameras. The meaning of this operation is both artistical and political. Artistical because film still allows great  and somehow unique results and also because film requires a different focus on the photos to achieve. Political, because recovering “unwanted” cameras is a way to say that, in a digital era, the struggle for cameras technological upgrade is not immediately connected with their artistic potential. It is a way to stress the photographer power, too.

Since my camera collection is about 30 pieces at the moment, I thought of this project as a tribute to film while creating a project that tries to “hackthe portrait through the use of analogue cameras which, in some cases, are definitely not suitable for portraits; I also kept a random / combinatorial choice of subjects. This should allow unusual and unpredictable results.

I will portray a number of males and females, in equal numbers. The subjects will be combined by draw to a given camera and film; the next person to take advantage of the same camera will, however, of an opposite gender. So, for example: X camera with a male subject and a color film, same camera but with a female subject and a black and white film. In this way, by combining the two shots taken, 30 diptychs will be produced.

The choice of subjects will be relatively random as it will be carried out through social networks and web.

Status: currently under casting (60% approx. of shootings already done).

If you want to model for this project you are welcome if you are based in Turin area: write a message for casting. No matter your physical appearance, but you must be at least 18 years old.

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