Vegetation will take over

Vegetation will take over (La vegetazione prenderà il sopravvento, in italian) is a project exploring the contrast -mainly observed in urban areas- between the overwhelming presence of concrete and vegetation. We live in ever expanding urban areas, but we can see that vegetation immediately take over when some of them are left abandoned. So, the project shows a little “green” element within concrete, walls and human creation in general, and seems to suggest the fact -maybe the hope- that finally Vegetation will take over.

The project and its title were inspired by the explicit of a novel by Michel Houellebecq, The Map and the Territory (2010):

The work which occupied the last years of the life of Jed Martin can be seen as well it is the most immediate thought as a nostalgic reflection about the end of the industrial age in Europe, and more generally on the perishable and transitory nature of all human industry […] And also the sense of desolation pervading us as that representations of human beings who had accompanied Jed Martin during his earthly life fall apart due to bad weather, and fall apart, almost to become in the last video the generalized symbol of the annihilation of the human species. They sink, they seem to struggle for a moment before being smothered by layers of plants. Then everything calms down, there are other herbs shaken by the wind. The triumph of vegetation is total.

(translation of mine from the italian edition)

Cameras used were both analogue and digital. Shots were taken all around in Italy.

Status: current.


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